2012 Internet Marketing, Strategy, - eMarketing New Ways VS Old Ways

2012 Internet Marketing, Strategy, - eMarketing New Ways VS Old Ways

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After Google impacted websites and internet ranking in March 2011, known as the Panda Algorithm , we have seen major changes in serps, The main reason is that Google wanted to limit SEO's that use old and traditional emarketing methods such as content scraping, links which are injected into irrelevant content. The new trend is about marketing from people to people while also using proper English grammar in the content. Internet marketing in 2012 has new methods, the methods will be explained in simple terms for beginners and non experts.

What are the new trends for seo in jeddah2012

Is your content really Unique? Is your content written for search engines or is it for people?

We are going to see less duplicate pages, as we all know that Google’s main objective is to make search results useful and legitimate, that means they don't want to show a few website's saying the same thing or having the same content. Duplicated content website's already get penalized by Google (dropping them a few results or pages down),and that's before they get banned completely in severe cases and it may have some legal consequences for hefting content and copyright issues. Many SEO's hire web content writers to rewrite existing articles, somehow Google learns about content that is rewritten for search engines in contrary to the ones written for people and preferably by other people. Somehow the old traditional word of mouth to mouth marketing is coming back in the form of facebook likes, Google , and other website or content rating reviews by others. Believe it or not Google now has a team they employed to asses website's in terms of design, usability, and content. Your website should get sharp in every way to keep up with the competition. The new trend for 2012 is Internet Marketing Strategists Vs Link Builders.

Here are 20 important Website eMarketing, tips for internet marketers,

1) Websites must have a mobile version to display iphone, ipad, symbian, and wap formats

2) Add Google to your website

3) Build a fan page or a group page on facebook with real likes and interactions (comments)

4) Find out what content people like and add it to your website

5) Submit your website for review

6) Drop pages with high bounce rate (where people visit a page on your website and leave)

7) Use some type of analytic's to learn about your visitors

8) Don't focus much on massive link building using poor content

9) Fix English (if applicable) and grammatical mistakes

10)Have your phone number clickable ( here your visitors can click on their mobile phones to call you)

11) Add your business to places such as Google maps

12)Add a video or a slide-show (that would make your visitors stay on your website longer which means less bounce rate which may affect your ranking in search engines

13) Social bookmarking such as digg, delicious, and tumbler

14)Add your website to niche directories and specialized websites (websites in your field)

15) Blogs can help your website rank better, write good content that is unique and easy to read, submit your RSS feed

16)Add fresh content you your website or blog on weekly basis

17)Use Google webmaster tools to find out more information about your website on Google

18) Set your website structure to look like an established business, make it a friendly navigation. Do not make your web visitors wonder where to go

19)Avoid over optimization methods such as keywords stuffing and learn about Google guidelines

20) Improve your website design and usability

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